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Case Study 02

Overview: Energy company that creates energy and fiber.  Their application focuses primarily on facilities throughout the world.  They are experienced in this arena and have successfully proven their concept over a 5-year period.

The Problem: The company raised and invested a lot of money in order to prove their concept.  After successfully doing so, they made certain moves in order to remain debt-free and become an ideal candidate for a large investment.  They also contracted with many facilities to provide their product and services but were unable to find the funding they needed to move forward.  Many investors and brokers gave them the runaround and/or took their money with nothing to show for their efforts.  Knowing that they had a great product, they pressed on and were literally running on fumes when we started working together.

How we could have solved it: By helping rewrite their business plan and reaching out to investors in more then one arena in different parts of the globe.  We personally reached out to investors we felt would be a great synergy for them as well as changed their marketing strategy and marketing material.  We reached the point of understanding their business as if we had started it ourselves.