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Case Study 01

Overview: Manufacturing company that has been looking for funding for over 4 years.  If funded, the company would produce over 150 jobs and be a big boost to the local economy.  The CEO has worked in this industry for many years and has held positions that has allowed him to grow different companies.  He is well respected within the industry and considered an expert by many.  With funding, his business could easily become one of the leading companies in the US and gross 9-figures annually.  With incentives, he could use $25M-$125M to build the company to 2x-5x its investment size within 5-10 years.  There's a need for his product and he has a team full of experts ready to go.

The Problem: Manufacturing jobs in the US are not popular.  His numbers are not quite where investors want them.  While he has put money into the business, he does not have his own facility.  Also, he do not understand the funding process but has his own ideas of how to fund the deal.

How we could have solved it: We helped him rewrite his business plan by focusing on why it was a great deal for investors and minimized his weaknesses by offering attainable solutions.  We put him in contact with 3 investor who not only liked his project but were willing to provide the funding he needed.  In addition to that, one of our investors love opportunities like these that provides great returns.